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“Empower Our Youth”

Together we can have a positive impact and implement a recurring “touchdown” in the life of a youth.

The Ed Laverty Legacy Sports Fund was established in 2018 by his daughter Tammy to honor the life and legacy of a great man who gave over 50 years of his life building generations of community in sport. 

Ed lost his battle with Alzheimer’s in November 2017 but his kids Tammy & Gordie will carry on his passion for community and sport through his not-for-profit and the Ottawa Nepean Touch Football League (ONTFL) now heading into it’s 55th year. From a young age our dad had our whole family involved in sports and activities, touch football being the primary sport of course. It was a wonderful upbringing & growing up with a sport family gave us valuable tools and lessons we carried into our adult lives.

The experience of being involved in team sport is invaluable; it provides fundamental lessons of team camaraderie, growth in skill and confidence.

Helping to support this initiative & encourage participation is an indelible way of carrying on our father’s legacy and passion. Most importantly its a way to have ‘FUN”! A mantra “Eddie” Laverty always lived by.

Our Commitment

We raise funds for community resources, organizations and programs that help empower, educate & encourage “youth in sport”. We strive to improve youth programs and services in our community through our grants & together we can have a positive impact and implement a recurring “touchdown” in the life of a youth.


Working in co-operation with local institutions, strategic partners, organizations and community; aspires to empower our youth with the skills necessary to make difference, not only on the field or rink but in their community.

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The Ed Laverty Legacy Sports Fund

Continuing the legacy of a great man dedicated to sport, community and people.

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