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“Strengthen the community sport and recreation sector”

The Ed Laverty Legacy Sports Fund is a grant program; our primary goal and initiative is to support & encourage “Youth In Sport” to keep our youth active in community sport, recreation and physical activity.

The funds primary goal will be:

  • Increase opportunities for “youth in sport” in recreation & sport groups by increasing access, financing and encouragement to existing programs, encourage youth to become more active and give those who are the opportunity to stay engaged throughout their lives.
  • To strengthen the community sport and recreation sector by providing training & workshops in areas such as coaching, youth development, and volunteer development.
  • As we grow, grants and funding will be available to fully or partially subsidize mission related initiatives for programs in the Ottawa and surrounding region that will generate impact and create lasting change for youth in sport.

If you have a program, group or organization that meets our criteria and would like to be considered for a grant, please contact us to discuss our application process for consideration.

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The Ed Laverty Legacy Sports Fund

Continuing the legacy of a great man dedicated to sport, community and people.

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